Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Honey

We harvested our first honey on July 26th last year.  Below you will see some pictures of the process.  We've harvested honey once this year out of our three hives.  Only one hive had produced enough honey to harvest because each one of the other two hives swarmed earlier in the summer.  "Enough Honey" to harvest is when at least 80% of the frame is capped.  If it's not 80% capped, the honey hasn't reached the right consistency to be honey.  We probably won't get anymore honey this year because the Bees need that store to keep them alive through the winter.

Cutting the Caps off of the Honey Comb

Honey Spinner/Extractor
Centrifugal force from manually spinning the frame pulls the honey out of the wax comb

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